Active Internet Projects and Businesses I started

SolBid, Inc.

Co-Founder + CTO

SolBid provides turn-key solar power solutions to businesses nationwide through our proprietarily constructed solar design and proposal application. Matched with our unique set of finance solutions and installation partnering model, SolBid is changing the future of commercial solar power acquisition.

Est. 2014


Co-Founder + CEO

REMAGINE was originally founded providing comprehensive one-stop-shop Internet services and marketing solutions for businesses. It has evolved into an Internet software and engineering consulting firm providing: project management, custom engineered software, network architecture and design, and back-end development.

Est. 2003



Past Internet Projects, Businesses, Initiatives, and Organizations that I started or was part of

Piddx, Inc.


Piddx is a marketplace for local skills and services. Piddx empowers you to become the CEO and marketer of your own personal brand. We believe that everyone has skills to market - we match people with skills with those who need them. Work directly, without the constraints of traditional employment.

Est. 2012 - 2015

Brighter Classrooms


Brighter Classrooms is a program designed to donate solar energy systems to disadvantaged schools across the United States. Our mission is to free up school budgets and in return helping schools provide a better education for our children while at the same time reducing our carbon footprint and saving the environment.

Est. 2015

Name Net Worth

Advisory Board + Interim CTO

Name Net Worth empowers individuals and entities through measurement, education and trainings on the principles of professional interaction. Building and maintaining a network is more important than ever before.
Do you know where to start?
Let Name Net Worth be your guide.

Worked. 2016 - 2019


ThinkGlobal, Inc.

Software Engineer + CTO

ThinkGlobal specializes in the business-to-business (B2B) trade leads for importing and exporting, international business and higher education markets. ThinkGlobal provides a software platform to connect businesses to businesses for the sale of goods and services.


Worked. 2010-2014

CASA Engineering Research Center

Research Assistant + Linux Systems Administrator

Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA) is a multi-sector partnership among academia, industry, and government dedicated to engineering revolutionary weather-sensing networks.

Worked. 2006-2008

OIT / UMass Amherst - Telecommunications

Web Developer + Systems Administrator

The University of Massachusetts Amherst Office of Information Technology; Telecommunications.

Worked. 2006 - 2009


GuyTECH USA / Dragonfly

Developer + Linux Network Administrator

Dragonfly was a world-class multi-media content delivery network that builds engagement, retention, and showcases advanced metrics.


Worked. 2004-2007

OverlookMedia, Inc. / Musiclink

Developer + Linux Network Administrator

Musiclink was a web-based micropayment tip jar system for musicians. This system allows fans to directly contribute to artists for their work.


Worked. 2001-2003

Neohorizon Network


Neohorizon is a research and development group that is dedicated to the scientific study and creation of: new Internet technology, automated tasks, and advanced computer networks.

Est. 1998 - 2004


"Study the science of art. Study the art of science. Develop your senses- especially learn how to see.
Realize that everything connects to everything else." - Leonardo da Vinci

Ian Ricci

Artist, Engineer, Businessman, Scientist

An overall creator that is energized and focused on developing new technologies, and changing the way we live and communicate with one another. I have had the privilege of creating and working in many areas of Internet related technology and business.

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